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Wednesday Nite Mixed

USBC Rules & Awards

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This page contains the link to USBC along with excerpts from the 2005-2006 rules book, Chapter 3, USBC Awards.  For further information and details on qualifying for these awards, use the link provided or check the published rule book.
A member is eligible for one award in each of the following three game series categories during a fiscal year (August 1-July 31):

75 Pins Over Average Emblem (Game)*
140 Pins Over Average Emblem (Series)*
Triplicate Series Emblem
Big 4 Split Emblem
7-10 Split Emblem
All Spare Game Emblem
Dutch 200 Game Emblem
80 Game Emblem (50 Avg. or Less)*
100 Game Emblem (70 Avg. or Less)*
120 Game Emblem (90 Avg. or Less)*
100 Pins Over Average Watch (Game)*
                   Large Face
                   Small Face
140 Game Emblem (100 Avg. or Less)*
160 Game Emblem (120 Avg. or Less)*
180 Game Emblem (140 Avg. or Less)*
200 Game Key Chain (160 Avg. or Less)*
250 Game Rosin Bag (170 Avg. or Less)*
200 Series Emblem (50 Avg. or Less)*
300 Series Emblem (90 Avg. or Less)*
400 Series Pin (115 Avg. or Less)*
500 Series Pin (140 Avg. or Less)*
600 Series (175 Avg. or Less)*
             Bag Tag (Youth logo)
             Playing Cards (USBC logo)
700 Series (2 10 Avg. or Less)*
             Towel (Youth logo)
             Coaster (USBC logo)
900 series
800 to 899

During each fiscal year, an award will be issued by USBC to each member of the team who bowls one of the three highest scratch scores in the nation in each of the following classifications:

Men Only                 Teams                Game Series
5-player                  1325                    3700
4-player                  1050                    2900
3-player                    825                    2250
2-player                    550                    1550

Mixed                       Teams                Game Series

5-player                  1250                   3600
4-player                  1000                   2800
3-player                    750                   2200
2-player                    525                   1500

Women Only          Teams                Game Series

5-player                  1175                   3425
4-player                    950                   2750
3-player                    725                   2075
2-player                    500                   1350


Special Achievement Awards

Rule 52a. USBC will recognize the following once per fiscal season:

1. 7-10 – Conversion of the 7-10 split.
2. Big Four Split – Conversion of the 4-6-7-10 split.
3. All Spare Game – Ten consecutive spares in a single game.
4. Dutch 200 Game – A game of alternating strikes and spares with a game total of 200.
5. Triplicate Series – Three consecutive games of the same score in a series.


Rule 54b. Each league will be issued an award(s) annually based on the type of league to provide recognition for the male, female, youth male, and/or youth female member who bowls the highest series during the season.


Rule 52b. The highest average, single game and three game series for a male, female, youth male and youth female in each local association will be issued a merit award . . .